G7 final communique: Nations promise coal phase-out and $100bn climate finance


The final agreements from this year’s G7 summit have been published, featuring commitments to phase-out coal-fired power generation and get back on track to deliver $100bn of climate finance to less wealthy nations.

…Power Shift Africa’s director Mohamed Adow echoed Redmond-King’s concerns. He said: “It’s nice to see Boris Johnson’s desire to see green infrastructure in Africa, but if he really had the interests of the continent at heart then maybe he wouldn’t have cut the UK aid budget in the middle of a pandemic.

“Africa has huge potential to harness the power of renewables and avoid the fossil fuels which the G7 used to get rich.  But it needs investment to do that, investment that the UK and the G7 have long promised but failed to deliver.  Why should Africa believe yet more promises from these leaders?  It’s time for the G7 to actually deliver on this climate funding, not make yet more promises.”

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