Go forth and spend: Call for action closes US climate summit

Carbon Brief

There is extensive continuing coverage of the two-day US climate summit, which concluded on Friday (April 23). 

Associated Press describes the closing day: “World leaders shared tales of climate-friendly breakthroughs – and feverish quests for more – to close president Joe Biden’s virtual global climate summit on Friday, from Kenyans abandoning kerosene lanterns for solar to Israeli start-ups straining for more efficient storage batteries.”

The Guardian says the summit “has thrown the spotlight clearly on the world’s biggest emitter: China”. It continues: “Xi Jinping, the president of China, made a cordial and well-received speech in which he promised further action on clean energy and said China would cause its consumption of coal to peak around the middle of this decade…Xi’s commitment was positive but did not mark a breakthrough, climate experts said, as it would still allow for the construction of hundreds of coal-fired power stations planned for the next five years.”

The Financial Times says that the return of the US to international climate diplomacy has “resurfaced some old faultlines”. It adds: “Although cheered on in Europe, the US climate comeback masks divergent approaches between the two economic powerhouses on how to win the so-called race to net-zero.”

In the Independent, Mohamed Adow says that while the UK creates clean energy systems at home, it is “shackling poorer nations with dirty fossil fuels – now is the time for rich countries to support Africa’s clean energy transition”.

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