Greenhouse gas levels going ‘in the wrong direction’, UN report card shows

Financial Times

Scorecard puts global emissions on track to rise 16% by 2030 as Biden convenes world leaders on climate targets.

…“This needs to be a wake-up call for Boris Johnson to use every diplomatic sinew to ensure Glasgow doesn’t fail,” said Mohamed Adow, head of Power Shift Africa, a think-tank in Nairobi. “Despite national leaders claiming they care about the climate crisis, their actions suggest otherwise.”

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There is need for renewed commitment to enhanced ambition on adaptation;
and this includes upscaling of adaptation funding to put it on equal footing with mitigation @COP26

Australia, one of the dirtiest countries and massive exporter of fossil fuels, has pledged to #NetZeroBy2050. But the plan does not include ending the fossil fuel sector; a decision heavily criticised.

"It is shameful that rich countries are only now – one week before COP26 – trying to explain how they intend to try to make good on a commitment they have known about for 12 years,"
says @JohnNordboCARE of @CAREGlobal

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