How relevant is the United Nations at 75?

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Big power clubhouse in the UNSC continues to determine the destiny of our fragile plan

…Writing in Foreign Affairs’ May-June issue, Mohamed Adow, Founder and Director of Power Shift Africa, who grew up in a pastoral community in northern Kenya, explained how the way of life for well over five million pastoralist in the region, that had supported them for centuries — herding animals in the rangelands — is progressively evaporating, thanks to climate change, with droughts in recent years devastating livestock and forcing hundreds of thousands of herders to give up their traditional lives and move, as unskilled workers, to sprawling towns.

I quote from him at length. “[Pastoralists in Kenya] are not alone”, he wrote. “Climate change has imperilled or disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world. Herders in Kenya, farmers in Bangladesh and fishermen in the Mekong River basin are not responsible for this crisis.

The rich countries are. Not only do these nations emit more carbon into the atmosphere per capita than poor countries do, but also their very wealth and stature rest on a century of emissions and environmental degradation. And yet it is the people in the developing world who disproportionately suffer”.

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"It is vital that Kenya and other African nations stand alongside the coalition of countries which are pushing for stronger regulations to prevent shipping’s dirty secret from destroying our climate and our coastlines any further" @mohadow @PowerShftAfrica

Africa’s first electric bus plant is being built in Uganda, with the hope it will both spur industrialization while reducing pollution from old vehicles.

The shipping industry is one of the dirtiest in the world.

It emits a billion tons of C02 every year.

If it was a country it would be the 5th biggest polluter in the world.

It's time @IMOHQ cleaned up their act.

@mohadow for @TRF_Climate

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