Post-Covid investment in climate change mitigation critical

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Achieving greenhouse gas emission targets for a safer planet by 2050 depends on what the country will invest post-Covid-19 to fight climate change.

A green-recovery report on Covid-19 states that the disease has exacerbated climate vulnerabilities by reducing the capacities of affected countries and the resources available to respond to climate change.

…Climate change expert and director of Power Shift Africa, Mohammed Adow, emphasised the need to make the response to climate migration people-centred.

“Climate induced migration may be seen as a security issue for those in the rich world that helped cause this crisis. But for those on the receiving end, it is a humanitarian disaster that will see people lose their lives, homes and livelihoods, with repercussions on communities for decades to come,” said Adow.

…“Immediate climate action and finance are key parameters for a green, resilient and inclusive recovery in Africa in the run up to COP26. Action is needed now and there is a golden opportunity to make it a turning point for Africa’s accelerated growth and development,” said Fathallah Sijilmassi, co-author of the report.

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"#ClimateFinance support by developed countries is too inadequate, biased, and unjustified.

They must accelerate their support; not coerce developing nations to decarbonise their economies quickly." ✍️ @LabanyaPrakash @shreyans_j13

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After being chosen as Cop27 host by the African Group, Egypt promised to make resilience and adaptation to the effects of climate change its priority.

In a climate plan submitted to the UN in 2017, Egypt outlined the country’s vulnerability to heatwaves, flooding and water...

Floods have displaced many in Kenya, robbing them of more than their homes and livelihoods. #ClimateCrisis

"It killed my goats and sheep. I saw them float. Cows were buried, and others left to rot." says flood victim in @StandardKenya

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