President Uhuru warns climate change could worsen food insecurity in Africa

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on world leaders to join forces in addressing the threat of climate change. The president was addressing the Climate Adaptation Summit that  was held on January 25-26 and has attracted over 50 global leaders and climate activists.

“Agriculture is key to our climate mitigation and adaptation agenda and hence, we must work to empower our farmers to adapt to sustainable practices and respond to changing weather patterns,” the president warned.

Mohamed Adow, the Director of Power Shift Africa, a climate change and renewable energy think tank based in Nairobi said President Uhuru’s speech is a timely call to action to combat and provides leadership in the global fight against climate change.

“Kenya is one of only six African countries that have submitted their National Adaptation Plans to the United Nations. This demonstrates commitment by the country to integrate its climate policies to cut emissions and help Kenyans adapt to the changing climate into its national development strategy. It shows Kenya is at the forefront of African leadership on tackling the climate crisis and we must urge our fellow African neighbours to follow suit,” said Adow.

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