Stop the gravy train and usher in a new energy regime

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Power Shift Africa’s Senior Energy Advisor Amos Wemanya says: Considering that Kenya is among the top seven most expensive power producers in Africa, President Uhuru Kenyattaโ€™s directive to the Energy Cabinet Secretary to implement recommendations of the task force to review power purchase agreements did not come as a surprise.

In fact, one wonders why it has taken this long for the government to realise Kenyans have been overburdened by high cost of electricity.

The 2018 Kenya Power internal audit report exposed the rot in the entity that is a monopoly of electricity supply in Kenya.

Whenever interrogated on why they keep purchasing expensive power from independent producers, Kenya Power has always blamed it on persistent droughts. Kenya has abundant renewable energy options and dirty, polluting energy sources such as diesel should not be an option in the energy mix.

In a country guided by the rule of law, the exploitation visited on Kenyan consumers is unacceptable and calls for reforms in the Kenyan energy sector. Reforms that will empower and enable consumer voices to be heard.

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