Taita family sets up climate smart farm

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A few miles up a steep hill in Mrangi village, Taita Taveta County, lies a green haven. Should the owner achieve his ambitions, it will become a model on climate change adaptation in regards to alternative farming methods.

…A Pan-African post-Covid recovery report dubbed the Green Recovery Project released a week ago shows that embracing smart agriculture as a way of dealing with the impact of climate change can help to ensure food security.

“Over 86 per cent of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa is rain-fed. When food systems are supplied by rain-fed agriculture, even moderate changes in rainfall patterns can have a huge negative impact on productivity and food security,” says the report.

The report explains that adverse climate events like flooding, drought, and highly variable temperatures have resulted in soil degradation, which in turn leads to low crop yields for most small-scale farmers, like the ones in Taita community.

“African countries should scale up investment in climate-smart agriculture as a major way of linking their post-Covid-19 recovery with climate action,” explains the report.

It further states: “Investment in smart and innovative irrigation technologies for dry-season crop and vegetable production could significantly increase productivity and cut down on the importation of vegetables and other food commodities.”

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