Time for Africa to stop dancing to the destructive tune of Big Oil

Mohamed Adow, The Standard

One of the biggest lies is that the only way for Africans to develop is to burn huge amounts of fossil fuel. But this dirty energy accounts for more than 80 per cent of planet-heating greenhouse gases.

We have, and can take a different path to prosperity, thanks to our abundance of wind and solar potential. If we do not, the UN warns, we will be on track to produce far more oil than can fit within the Paris Climate goals. Big Oil’s promises are but snake oil.  The end result will be stranded assets and climate destruction; not prosperity.

Not surprisingly, those with vested interests in profiting from this climate pollution have given the go-ahead to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), which cuts through the east African backcountry, from Western Uganda to the Tanzanian Indian Ocean port in Tanga, almost 1,500km away.

The UNEP Production Gap report has shown that the production of coal, oil, and gas must decrease by 6 per cent per year globally. A new pipeline is not consistent with such a trend. The same cast of rich foreigner bankers is using the tired script and predictable narrative which claims that their profit motive and the interests of ordinary Africans are aligned. What a lie! In the case of EACOP, French company Total and China National Offshore Corporation, are among the international financiers keen on profiting from Africa’s climate catastrophe.

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