Climate Change


Climate change is humanity’s first truly existential threat.  No other issue has such dangerous and far reaching consequences. It has the potential to not only halt international development in its tracks, but also reverse much of the recent gains we have made.  

PSA aims to help create a world in which global temperature rise is limited to no more than 1.5°C, and to address any resulting climate impacts.

Already, at the current 1°C of warming, many vulnerable communities are experiencing an increase in extreme weather events such as devastating tropical storms, destructive floods and crippling droughts, as well as falling crop yields, all of which the IPCC attributes to anthropogenic climate change. The changing climate multiplies the existing vulnerabilities, inequalities and poverty of the most vulnerable people.

The people of Africa are suffering disproportionately from the effects of the climate crisis. They have hardly contributed any of the atmospheric pollution driving the climate change they are suffering from. PSA therefore focuses on mobilising climate action in Africa, amplifying African voices through the media and public communications and leveraging this voice internationally.

We also observe UNFCCC meetings to influence the negotiations in favour of poor people and countries.