U.N. Climate Summit Attendees Push U.K. for Vaccines

Wall Street Journal

Some 25,000 delegates from nearly every nation on Earth—including government officials, activists and journalists—will descend on Glasgow, Scotland, in November for a United Nations global climate summit.

…The U.K. government is trying to make sure they have all had a chance to get vaccinated.

Mohamed Adow, director of the Nairobi-based energy and climate think tank Power Shift Africa, is still waiting for his first dose. He said he received an email from the British government on Sept. 1, saying he should receive his dose midmonth.  On Sept. 14, Mr. Adow got another email, this time from a U.N. agency, which informed him he would likely receive a Johnson & Johnson shot, but still no date. Both sets of correspondence lacked detail on how the shots would be delivered.

Given the uncertainty over his vaccination status, Mr. Adow says that he hasn’t booked his flights or accommodation yet, and that prices have been rising dramatically. He says he doesn’t feel safe attending the summit without a vaccine.

“How can participants represent themselves on equal footing when they aren’t in the room,” he said.

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