US climate deal gets cool response from allies

01 August, 2022

Posted by: Njango Njung'e

US climate deal gets cool response from allies

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U.S. President Joe Biden says his $370 billion climate package is “historic,” but he'll have to do more at home and abroad for the world to see the U.S. as anything but a colossal procrastinator.

..."Those of us in climate vulnerable countries are still waiting,” said Mohamed Adow, director of the Power Shift Africa think tank. “Until they honor their commitments on the international stage they cannot be seen as a true global leader on climate."

The deal also made some concessions to Manchin — who has made millions in the coal industry — by guaranteeing new coal, oil and gas extraction.

The U.S. is “still playing catch up after years of being the world's worst polluter and it continues to fund new fossil fuel exploration when we can't afford to burn all the fossil fuel reserves we currently have," said Adow.

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